State Council Decisions cancels Certified Tax Advisor license in China

On 22 July 2014, the PRC State Council issued a decision on cancelling and adjusting a batch of administrative examination and approval items (“Guo Fa [2014] No.27”). According to Guo Fa [2014] No.27, the State Council decided to cancel and delegate 45 administrative examination and approval items, cancel 11 occupational qualification licensing and certification items, and modify 31 items subject to examination and approval before registration at administration for industry and commerce into the ones subject to examination and approval after registration at administration for industry and commerce.

It is noticed that some popular certificates such as the Certified Tax Agent (“CTA”) and Certified Public Valuer (CPV) are among the catalogue of 11 professional qualification licensing and certification items to be cancelled decided by the State Council. According to the meeting memo of State Council reported by Xinhua Website, certain certificates like CTA and CPV will not be certified by the government anymore, but we expect that a new system to replace the old CTA and CPV may be announced and clarified in the nearby future.