Our Approach

Our values

The values that drive our firm include particularly responsibility, diligence and legal compliance. Our clients may always directly communicate with the responsible partner. We are reachable for you at any time you need our assistance. Further, our colleagues are trained to fullfil the tasks dilligent and in compliance with all provisions of the P. R. China. We have frequently workshops to discuss new legal topics and their impact on clients matters.

4eyes principle

We strictly apply the 4 eyes principle. In our firm we have three levels of professionals with clearly formulated policies which colleague can initiate and/or release information, data or payments.


We strive to make risk structures and financial figures transparent. Our professionals are advised to seek close contact to the client. We visit frequently the Client’s plant and keep close contact to our contact persons.

Professional and hands on

We pride ourselves on providing both professional and practical solutions to help clients attain their goals and objectives. Dedication and attentiveness to our clients contribute to fulfilling that commitment.

Particularly in China it is mandatory to strictly apply legal provisions but at the same time provide practical advise to the client.